Strike Fund

Strike Fund FAQ

Here are answers to frequently asked questions regarding our strike fund:

What is the purpose of a strike fund?

A strike fund is set up as an initial step in strike preparedness. Like many ominous events on the horizon, we hope they don’t come to pass, but we need to prepare for the possibility.

Does the creation of a strike fund mean that we are going on strike?

No. In fact, we hope we never have to use the fund. But we want to protect our members in case of a strike and we know that the threat of a strike is the best way to make the administration give our demands the respect and attention they deserve.

Can anyone donate to the strike fund?

Yes. Donations are welcomed from any individual or organization that shares our values and commitment to worker justice and solidarity.

What is the strike fund used for?

The strike fund will be used to help supplement those members who are struggling to meet basic needs if/when we go on strike.

Who is eligible to receive money from the strike fund?

Any member of our union in good standing that has contributed to our strike efforts (e.g., picketing or other organizing activities).

What happens to the money collected if there is no strike?

We will hold any unused funds in perpetuity so that we are better prepared for the next round of contract negotiations. Also, we may, with the approval of the Executive Board, use the fund to make donations in solidarity with other unions.