Get Involved

Organizing Committee

The Organizing Committee is the heart of our contract campaign. The Organizing Committee drives our mission forward by recruiting worker-activists and meeting regularly to craft and implement strategic actions to build worker engagement, solidarity, and power. Members of the Organizing Committee:

  • Provide leadership throughout the campaign
  • Develop actions to recruit and engage members
  • Decides campaign strategies and actions
  • Strategize how to address the key needs and concerns our members 
  • Make phone calls to members and non-members to increase union density and member participation
  • Contact co-workers through phone calls, home visits, social media and personal conversations in the workplace
  • Coordinate and plan Town Halls, #RUAS “Week of Action,” and more!
  • Educate co-workers about the benefits of working union and workers’ rights and building a more powerful workplace
  • Distribute union materials and get cards/petitions signed

To learn more or join our Organizing Committee, reach out to our Organizer, Emily Rosensweig, at, or Organizing Committee Chair David Letwin at During Spring 2022, our Organizing Committee will meet Mondays at 4:30 pm on Zoom. 

Media Committee

The Media Committee is the voice of our union. The Media Committee carries out the union’s communication strategy, crafting both internal and external digital communications to keep our members informed and our communities at Rutgers keyed into all of our activities at Rutgers and beyond. Members of the Media Committee:

  • Draft press releases, op-eds, and other written material for the press
  • Create social media posts, memes, and other visual materials for distribution across our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram platforms
  • Pen statements, letters, and blog posts for the Rutgers Adjunct Faculty Union website and other publications
  • Design and build the union website and contract campaign site on WordPress
  • Monitor print and web-based sources for higher ed labor news and updates from adjunct faculty unions around the country
  • Collaborate and strategize with the Organizing Committee to publicize campaign actions, including #RUAS Week of Action, as well as meetings, Town Halls, and more 

To join us in our weekly meetings or pitch an idea, story, or post, contact Media Committee Chair Howie Swerdloff at During Summer 2022, the Media Committee meets every other Thursday at 3 pm on Zoom or at a time that works best for everyone interested. 

Legislative Committee

The newly-formed Legislative Committee conducts outreach to New Jersey state legislators to pursue legal remedies and support for adjunct issues. The Legislative team works to build support from allies in government, other unions, and political organizations. This committee will identify and support federal legislation on adjunct labor issues. We’ll be focusing on two key issues for the contract campaign: (1) health care and benefits; and (2) pay parity for part-time workers.

To join this committee, email us at with the subject line “Legislative Committee.” During Summer 2022, the Legislative Committee meets every Tuesday at 2:30 PM. The Legislative Committee meets jointly with the Research Committee.

Bargaining Committee

The Bargaining Committee (otherwise known as our “Table Team”) will represent our union at the bargaining table. We will directly participate in contract talks with the university by negotiating the contract, developing proposals, and making tactical decisions during bargaining.

Meeting day/time to come. To join this committee, email us at with the subject line “Bargaining Committee.”

Research Committee

Our Research Committee will support the contract campaign by identifying power centers at the university. The Research Committee is responsible for providing data and analysis of Rutgers policies and finances as well as other relevant union contracts that may provide models for use in the contract campaign and at the bargaining table. We’ll work together to craft strong language for labor protections and workers’ rights in collective bargaining agreements of other contingent faculty in higher ed. 

To join this committee, email us at with the subject line, “Research Committee.” The Research Committee meets jointly with the Legislative Committee, every Tuesday at 2:30 PM.