Who We Are

We’re adjuncts. Like you, we teach at Rutgers University. We cover all three main campuses (Camden, Newark, New Brunswick), satellite campuses across NJ, and online.

​We know that adjuncts do more than just teach.

We believe that Rutgers adjuncts represent the full vibrancy and diversity that Rutgers has to offer, and that adjuncts help to connect Rutgers to communities all across New Jersey.

We think adjuncts should have a secure and just working environment.

We are committed to economic parity and social equality.

We are committed to building stronger community bonds with other adjuncts and to actively engage in all levels of university governance and function–from undergraduates to administration.

Elected Leaders

The Part-Time Lecturers-AAUP-AFT have elected leaders who serve on the PTLFC Executive Board. They also send a representative to the monthly Executive Council meeting of the Rutgers AAUP-AFT.


President: Amy Higer (Division of Global Affairs – Newark)

Vice-President: Bryan Sacks (Philosophy – Camden)

Secretary: Howie Swerdoff (Writing Program – New Brunswick )

Treasurer: Janelle Derstine (Philosophy – Camden)

New Brunswick Vice President: Hank Kalet (School of Communications and Information – New Brunswick)

Camden Vice President: Paul More (Mathematics – Camden )

Newark Vice President: Caitlin Dudek (Writing Program – Newark )

Executive Board Representatives


Austin Rooney (Philosophy)


Kevin Keogan (Sociology/Anthropology)

New Brunswick:

David Letwin (Mason Gross Arts Online)

Heather Pierce (Political Science)

Dan Sidorick (Labor Studies)

Karen Thompson (Writing Program)

Andrew Kennis (School of Communications and Information)


Organizer: Emily Rosenzweig

Media Specialist/ Organizer: Molly Earner

Student Organizer: Anjali Madgula

To get more involved, contact us at ptl@rutgersaaup.org.